October 25, 2017

Registering For The CLEP

There are 34 different CLEP exams covering a wide range of subject areas. If you know which ones you want to take, the next step is to register. There are 1,300 testing centers offering the exams and each exam is available in a computer-based format that you can take whenever you find it convenient. To sign up just go to the College Board website, find a testing center near you, and contact that center to arrange for the exam.

Every testing center has its own schedule, including its own test dates and registration deadlines. Ask the center about these dates when you contact them. You can download a registration form from the College Board website. You can use the form (which must be printed out and submitted by mail) to let the testing center know who you are and what tests you want to take.

There’s a space on the form where you can request that your scores be sent to the institution or institutions of your choice. However, you can leave this blank if you want to request delivery of the scores at a later date. How much will the exams cost? For each subject area you want to be tested on, there’s a $72 fee, payable to the College Level Examination Program. The College Board prefers that you pay by credit or debit card, but money orders and checks are also accepted. There’s a $10 surcharge if you want to take an optional essay with the exam and in many cases the Testing Center will charge an additional administrative fee. Both the surcharge and the administrative fee need to be paid directly to the testing center at least 7-10 days in advance. You’ll need to ask the center for the amount of the surcharge. (It’s usually $15, but it may vary.)

Once you’ve filled out the form, you can mail it directly to the testing center. A separate payment is necessary for every exam you plan to take. Incidentally, if you’re a member of the United States armed services or someone who works in a civilian capacity with the military, you can probably take the test for free. Check with the testing site for details.