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CLEP English Composition Exam Practice Questions

Identifying Sentence Errors

Directions: The following sentences test your knowledge of grammar, usage, diction, (choice of words) and idioms. Note that some sentences are correct and no sentence contains more than one error.

You will find the error, if there is one, underlined and lettered. Assume that the elements of the sentence that are not underlined are correct and cannot be changed.

If there is an error, circle the letter of the one underlined part that must be changed to make the sentence correct.

  1. Mr. Branson gave the coveted math award to Jim and I because we had the highest scores.

    1. gave
    2. coveted
    3. Jim and I
    4. we had
    5. No error
  2. Running through the tall grass, the house faint in the distance, Janet had to squint to see.
    1. Running through
    2. the house
    3. in the distance
    4. had to squint to see
    5. No error
  3. A visit to four city libraries make a pleasant way to spend a day in the city.
    1. four city libraries
    2. make
    3. pleasant way
    4. in the city
    5. No error
  4. Christina’s favorite pet was a ferret, animals that are known for their short temper and tendency to bite.
    1. favorite pet
    2. animals
    3. short temper
    4. to bite
    5. No error
  5. The diversity of life forms in the Galapagos islands were the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

    1. diversity of life
    2. the Galapagos islands
    3. were
    4. evolution
    5. No error
  6. Justin sold his bicycle to a friend with a flat tire and rusty handlebars.

    1. sold
    2. his bicycle
    3. to a friend
    4. with a flat tire and rusty handlebars
    5. No error
  7. Juan’s insistence to not giving up his playing of soccer because of his multiple injuries made him a detriment to the team.

    1. to not giving
    2. playing of
    3. multiple injuries
    4. detriment to
    5. No error
  8. My grandparents, both from England, immigrates to the United States in 1950 and settled in New York.
    1. both from England
    2. immigrates
    3. the United States in
    4. settled in
    5. No error
  9. The president invited his friends June and Justin enjoying his party and celebrate his election.

    1. invited his friends
    2. enjoying
    3. celebrate
    4. election
    5. No error
  10. Winston made a point of giving the gift jointly to both her and I.

    1. made a point
    2. the gift jointly
    3. both her
    4. and I
    5. No error


CLEP English Composition PT Exam Answer Key

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Last Updated: 04/26/2014