October 25, 2017

Who Should Consider Taking A CLEP Exam?

Are the CLEP exams the right choice for you? The fact that you’re asking that question at all suggests that they probably are. If you want to complete your college education as quickly as possible or save some of the money you’d otherwise be spending on classes, the CLEP exams are just what you need. They were developed as a way in which college undergraduates can demonstrate knowledge in 34 content areas. CLEP exams are accepted as a substitute for classroom hours in almost 3,000 colleges and universities. Perhaps you’ve acquired knowledge of a subject through a job or private study. Taking a CLEP exam is a way of earning college credit for things you’ve learned outside of the classroom. If your tuition funds are limited, you can reduce your expenses by earning credits through the CLEP.

CLEP exams are an especially important option for students who have been home schooled and need to prove that their studies have paid off. And if you have a full- or part-time job and don’t have as much time to devote to your studies as you’d like, you can bypass introductory courses by taking a CLEP exam. If you’ve studied overseas and can’t transfer your credits to an American university, the CLEP can help you avoid taking courses over again. And if you’re a member of the armed services, taking the CLEP will let you earn credits toward your degree while still serving your country. Anyone who wants to save some of the time and expense of going to college will find the CLEP to be a worthwhile option.