October 24, 2017

CLEP Freshman College Composition Exam Practice Questions


Each of the following sentences may contain an error in diction, usage, idiom, or grammar. Some sentences are correct. Some sentences contain one error. No sentence contains more than one error.

If there is an error, it will appear in one of the underlined portions labeled A, B, C, or D. If there is no error, choose the portion labeled E. If there is an error, select the portion that must be changed in order to correct the sentence.


The landmass known as Wake Island, which is located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Guam, is actually a coral atoll.

a. known as
b. which
c. in
d. is actually
e. No error

1. Even if the end result was inconclusive, the experiment itself would be worth doing to give students experience in quantitative analysis.

a. Even if
b. was inconclusive
c. experiment itself
d. experience in
e. No error

2. Less and less people take the time these days to stop and reflect on the sacrifices made by previous generations.

a. Less and less
b. to stop
c. reflect on
d. previous
e. No error

3. Herodotus, having traveled widely in his time, was said to be convinced of the existence of other continents beyond the seas.

a. having traveled
b. in his time
c. to be
d. existence of
e. No error

4. In addition to a major, students must select a community service opportunity that involves volunteering in an underserved community, mentoring at-risk youth, or environmental issues.

a. In addition to
b. must select
c. that
d. environmental issues
e. No error

5. Him smoking was the cause of the rift between he and his father, which threatened the delicate balance of their broken home.

a. Him smoking
b. rift between
c. he
d. broken
e. No error

6. The male bowerbird steals guilelessly from his neighbors and competitors alike without ever paying a price for it.

a. guilelessly
b. his
c. alike
d. it
e. No error

7. Once the ice had been broken by the band, the boys and girls at the party started mingling without worrying much about whom they were seen with.

a. had been broken
b. the
c. much
d. with
e. No error

8. The teachers efforts to get the students to not fidget while the class picture was taken were in vain.

a. to get
b. to not
c. was taken
d. were
e. No error

9. In those days, the only thing that could get him motivated to get out of bed was the prospect of receiving a letter from his sister.

a. In those days
b. only
c. prospect
d. from his sister
e. No error

10. The goal of the competition, to locate and capture the colored flag of the opposing team, are based loosely on a military paradigm.

a. to locate
b. colored flag
c. opposing
d. are based
e. No error

CLEP Freshman College Composition Exam Answer Key