October 24, 2017

CLEP Business Law Exam Practice Questions

1. A customer at Giordano’s grocery store spills some soda on the floor. Two hours later, Brent slips on the spill and throws out his back. Which of the following best describes Brent’s legal options?

A.He can recover damages from the person who spilled the soda.
B.He can recover damages from the grocery store if the floors have not been checked regularly and well.
C.He cannot recover damages from the grocery store if the floors are cleaned every day.
D.He cannot recover damages from the grocery store if employees did not know about the spill.
E.He has no legal recourse.

2. What is the name for unintentional but materially false statements made by one party, which can be used to justify rescission of a contract?

A.actual fraud
C.interference with business relations
E.constructive fraud

3. Which of the following is NOT a necessary part of a contract?

A.legal capacity
B.offer and acceptance
C.legal objective

4. Which of the following is NOT a potential result of a civil proceeding?

B.temporary restraining order
C.compensatory damages
E.declaratory relief

5. Which body or bodies regulate the ethics of the medical profession?

A.state medical associations
B.state legislatures
C.United States Surgeon General
D.federal administrative agencies
E.United States Congress

6. According to which theory of jurisprudence are laws based on transcendent principles rather than on tradition or social custom?

B.natural law
C.critical legalism
D.legal positivism
E.legal realism

7. Dean borrows Sally’s computer without asking. While he has it in his possession, he drops it, causing minor damage to the keyboard. Which tort would include Dean’s liability to Sally in this scenario?

A.conversion for the full value of the property
B.conversion for the actual damages
C.trespass to personal property for actual damages
D.transferred intent
E.trespass to personal property for the full value of the property

8. Which of the following is required for there to be consideration for a contract?

A.genuineness of assent
B.a promise of cash payments
C.a bargained-for disadvantage to the promisor(ee) or an advantage to the promisee(or)
D.substantially equal economic benefits to both parties
E.manifestation of mutual assent

9. Which of the following duties does a corporation owe to its workers?

A.positive work environment
B.high wages
C.smoking breaks
D.a competitive wage
E.A corporation owes no duties to its workers.

10. What is the name of the post-judgment remedy that allows a sheriff to seize and sell the nonexempt property of a debtor?

A.writ of execution
B.writ of certiorari

CLEP Business Law PT Exam Answer Key